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TOLA Candle and Tealight Grey Tall

TOLA Candle and Tealight Grey Tall

TOLA Candle and Tealight Grey Tall


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Tola Candle and Tealight Concrete Holder (Grey Short)

Introducing the Unrefined Basel's TOLA Candle and Tealight Holder: A Masterclass in Materiality.

Unrefined Basel breathes new life into ubiquitous concrete, crafting unexpectedly sleek and elegant creations. Our latest range of candle holders merges raw, organic elements with delicate mouth-blown glass from Europe's finest artisans.

The TOLA Candle Holder embodies a fusion of contrasts—a testament to our commitment to redefining material aesthetics. Its concrete base exudes understated elegance, while the delicate glass embraces the flame, casting an ethereal glow.

Experience the transformative power of design. Illuminate your space with the TOLA Candle Holder, a centerpiece that radiates timeless beauty. Elevate your interior aesthetic with this artistic fusion of raw materials and exquisite craftsmanship—a masterclass in materiality.

Product Specifications:

Manufacturer / Producer Unrefined Basel
Material Candle Holder High Performance Concrete 
Material Cylinder Mouth-Blown Glass
Colour       Candle Holder Grey
Colur Cylinder Transparent
Dimensions (L x W x H) 15 x 15 x 22 cm
Weight 0.5 kg