Filigree Furniture and Home Accessories made of Concrete

Elegant and Minimal Side Tables and Consoles

Timeless Style

Harmony and purity of form shape aesthetics of our objects allowing them to withstand passing fashions and develop its own timeless style. In our Unrefined's dreams we can see how, in many years from now, grandkids of our today's customer are pointing to a bowl with engraved golden U logo and asking for the permission to take it to their first new appartment.


Trial and Error is our magic formula that has helped us master and combine our favourite materials: fine high performance concrete, steel, wood and traditionally hand made mouth blown glass. Our long lasting commitment is that each and single object from Unrefined's studio has been manufactured with the greatest attention to detail and recognition for our traditional techniques.

Media About Us

"Concrete can radiate so much cosiness. It doesn't always have to be porcelain, ceramics or glass. Concrete bowls can also be enchanting. Like the two from Unrefined"

"The two brothers Bart and Kuba live at different cities. The one near Basel, the other in Stettin, one hour from Berlin. Despite of the great distance they founded together the design label Unrefined and produce sleek furniture and interior accessories"

"Wenn das Material nicht Mittel zum Zweck, sondern der Grundbaustein eines neuen Entwurfs ist, ersteht man als Kunde nicht einfach ein Produkt, sondern ein langlebiges Lieblingsstück. So zum Beispiel bei den Brüdern von Unrefined (..) Mit Beton, mundgeblasenem Glas und Stahl fertigen sie in Handarbeit Möbel und Wohnaccessoires, die länger als eine Saison in das Zuhause passen. (...) vielmehr ist es die Leidenschaft, durch Ihre Kreationen die Innenräume ihrer Kunden mitzugestalten."

"The newcomers include, among others, two brothers(...) From glass, concrete and steel, they create timeless designs including sleek lamps and home accessories, such as filigree side tables"